Taylor & Sammy [Anchorage Wedding Photography]

Taylor and I first met in Alaska as teenagers. I was from LA on a trip to Alaska to help a church there run a VBS program. Taylor was a preteen with a beard who went to that church and did nothing but annoy me the entire week. Fast forward three years. I’m a sophomore in college and I’m hanging out with a few freshmen one afternoon. A new kid starts talking about how he’s a real man because he’s from Alaska, and then the strangest thing happened:

Oh, you’re from Alaska? I went to Alaska once.

Were’d you go?

Oh you wouldn’t have heard of it…it was a tiny little town.

Try me.

Hmmm, I can’t actually remember the name. But we were helping start VBS at a church in the wildwood.

Wait…what year was that…?

Oh I don’t know. Maybe like three years ago?

That’s my church and I’m pretty sure I was there when we started VBS…

We stared at each other a couple moments before realizing that we’d actually met several years before. I burst out laughing at the coincidence and Taylor just looked pained. We really couldn’t be anything at friends at that point, and Taylor and I became great friends. We had the same friends, the same major, and many of the same interests…and we both took a lot of photos over the next several years!

I was over the moon when Taylor called to let me know he and Sammy were engaged. It was going to be a simple wedding in Alaska and he wanted me to come up and photograph it. My response was an automatic YES! Unbeknownst to him, I had been planning to photograph Taylor’s wedding since sophomore year in college!

Let me tell ya, July 27th arrived quickly. I was in Alaska and ready to be a part of the celebration. Taylor would pledge his life and Sammy would pledge hers and these two servant hearted Alaskans would be one! Married.


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