The Grazor Family [Los Angeles Family Photography]

I really want to watch Clueless again soon. That movie defined the world I lived in from 10th to 12th grade. The “Valley” was my High School home ground and I returned there this week for a photo shoot. In a way, it felt like I was returning home. Truth be told, it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten off of the 101 (freeway) and I’d forgotten about the limited parking, non-existent grass, lack of green turning arrows and never ending streets with stoplights on every block. I almost fell back into the old “like, oh my goodness, like, like, like it was crazy and like, we like, totally almost hit a car on the way over…”

However, I was saved from my verbal grammar atrocities as soon as I stepped through the door at the Grazor home. The little girls had me reading about the Berenstain Bear family before my knees even bent to sit down. They were so excited to have a new reader, so we read while Mamma and baby got ready. Once I pulled out the camera, the next 90 minutes flew by in a blur of kissing, pink, dancing, laughing, baby rolls, wrestling and reading. I filled up two memory cards before we were done – the kids exhausted and ready to curl up and read together on the couch. (I believe the promise of pastry was also fulfilled at this point – sometimes a little reward helps things run smoother)

Chris and Michelle, in a couple of weeks you are moving from the Valley to Minnesota for ministry. You have a few exhausting days ahead as you pack up your home, run moving errands and say goodbye to the friends who have become like family. I hope these images give you a moment to rest and reflect on your family and your time in this home. The way your family has grown in love here will directly influence the outcome of the next part of your adventure together. May God bless the ministry your family has in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. (I assure you, it will be nothing like the San Fernando Valley)

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