The Villarreal Family [Hughson Family Photography]

Lora’s enthusiasm and excitement is contagious. When she’s happy about something, you are too. It’s right up there with warm chocolate chip cookies and a cold glass of milk. It makes you smile just thinking about it… it’s totally awesome! That contagiousness just happens to make photographing her and her family a lot easier, which gives her photos an extra kick of awesomeness, which makes her happier, which causes a crazy spiral of excitement. Woah.
I was really excited to get to photograph this family at sunset. We had this amazing pink sky in the background, a vintage car and a big family running around and adding to the great energy that was going on. My only disappointment was that the sunset quickly leads to the dark these nights and we had to rush to fit everything in! You can’t tell from the photos though…all you see in these images is a family that loves being together and loves each other. I think that’s the best kind of family, no?

Villarreal Winter Sessions (1) Villarreal Winter Sessions (2) Villarreal Winter Sessions (3) Villarreal Winter Sessions (4)

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