Jeremy and Ruth [Los Angeles Wedding Photography]

Ruthie. Beautiful Ruthie. Today she shined brighter than I have ever seen before. Getting ready, I was taken back to the school formals, pirate day, and photo shoots where we would cram around the same giant bathroom mirror and apply makeup and help each other tame our crazy heads of hair. Today, a group of her best friends crammed into the same room to get prepared for a big event once more, but today we all did it for Ruthie. It was her day and rather than just being a fun, witty, nerdy little redhead, she was the star. I wish I could put in to words the overwhelming gladness I felt all day as I watched this dear friend love and be loved by so many people. Most importantly, I was incredibly thankful that the girl we once nicknamed “heartbreaker” has been pursued and loved by a faithful man who loves God more than he loves her.  Benner.West Wedding_0001 Benner.West Wedding_0002 Benner.West Wedding_0003 Benner.West Wedding_0004 Benner.West Wedding_0005 Benner.West Wedding_0006 Benner.West Wedding_0007 Benner.West Wedding_0008 Benner.West Wedding_0009 Benner.West Wedding_0010 Benner.West Wedding_0011 Benner.West Wedding_0012 Benner.West Wedding_0013 Benner.West Wedding_0014 Benner.West Wedding_0015 Benner.West Wedding_0016

Men are what their mothers made them. – Ralph Waldo EmersonBenner.West Wedding_0017 Benner.West Wedding_0018 Ruth was waiting in a tent while all the guests arrived for the wedding… as the music started and the grandparents and bridal party made their way down the aisle, her excitement compelled her to peek out the tent. Benner.West Wedding_0019 Benner.West Wedding_0020 Jeremy kept his eyes closed as Ruth walked from the tent down to the start of the aisle, waiting for a nudge at his elbow to let him know she was about to start her walk toward him. I honestly don’t know how he had the self control not to open them even just for a second. That shows character right there! 🙂Benner.West Wedding_0021 Benner.West Wedding_0022 Benner.West Wedding_0023 Benner.West Wedding_0024 Benner.West Wedding_0025 Benner.West Wedding_0026 Benner.West Wedding_0027 Benner.West Wedding_0028 Benner.West Wedding_0029 Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Benner!!Benner.West Wedding_0030 Benner.West Wedding_0031 Benner.West Wedding_0032 Benner.West Wedding_0033 Benner.West Wedding_0034 Benner.West Wedding_0035 Benner.West Wedding_0036 Benner.West Wedding_0037 Benner.West Wedding_0038 Benner.West Wedding_0039 Benner.West Wedding_0040 Benner.West Wedding_0041 Benner.West Wedding_0042 Benner.West Wedding_0043 Benner.West Wedding_0044 Benner.West Wedding_0045 Benner.West Wedding_0046 Benner.West Wedding_0047 Benner.West Wedding_0048 Benner.West Wedding_0049 Benner.West Wedding_0050 Benner.West Wedding_0051 Benner.West Wedding_0052 Benner.West Wedding_0053 Benner.West Wedding_0054 Benner.West Wedding_0055 Benner.West Wedding_0056 Benner.West Wedding_0057 Benner.West Wedding_0058 Benner.West Wedding_0059

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