An Afternoon at the Park [Wild One Creations]

Last year I got a call from a past bride and good friend, Rebecca. I can’t remember what the specific conversation was about, but in the middle of it we started talking about her beautiful handmade Tepees and I threw out the idea that I could photograph them for her. It was a little far fetched as she lives in Washington and I was in Los Angeles, but a few months later she called me back and told me she was driving down to Los Angeles to visit family. Stars aligned and within weeks I was on the side of a mountain with Rebecca, a sample of her tepees and two adorable kiddos.
This was my first time shooting product in an editorial style and I was a little scared of the balance between product and people. I photograph people, first and foremost… with an emphasis on interaction and personality… and I was afraid I would favor the models over the product. It was almost like learning the craft with a new set of eyes. Super terrifying! Though hindsight affords me a list of things I’d do differently next time, I absolutely love the photos we made that day.

Let me introduce you to Rebecca Oldright, owner of Wild One Creations and a woman with a genuinely caring heart. Perched on a mountain park overlooking the “wilds” of Whittier, she let me set up her samples in the dirt and smiled the whole time.
Woodfield Creative_1053 Woodfield Creative_1054 I also can’t forget to mention these sweet faces, who let me dress them up and boss them around for the afternoon. I don’t want to think about how many times I asked to run in and out of the tepee, look up, look down, smile, color this paper, hug your brother, etc… I even gave them lollipops and then took them away. I am a terrible monster! Woodfield Creative_1055 Woodfield Creative_1056 Woodfield Creative_1057 Woodfield Creative_1058 Woodfield Creative_1059 Woodfield Creative_1060 Woodfield Creative_1061 Woodfield Creative_1062 Woodfield Creative_1063 Woodfield Creative_1064 Woodfield Creative_1065 Woodfield Creative_1066 Woodfield Creative_1067 Woodfield Creative_1068

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