Rehearsing – Maui Style

Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1248Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1249Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1250Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1251Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1252Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1253Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1254Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1255Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1256Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1257Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1258Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1259Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1260Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1261

After the wedding rehearsal, Dan’s dad shouted us all to dinner at Honu in Lahaina. The food was amazing… but what I loved the most was the intimate celebration with everyone who would be at the wedding the next day. I absolutely loved that everyone was together for the weekend – it felt like a giant family celebration rather than a formal wedding.

Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1262

Dan’s uncle is a wine aficionado, and gave us multiple lessons on the taste and history of the wines he had chosen for the weekend. Of course, I’m not much of a wine drinker and was promptly labeled a savage. 😉 It all tastes the same to me, so savage I am! 🙂

Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1263

While we were waiting for our dinner to be served, one of the wait staff approached me.

“You have a big camera… would you like to take a photo of a turtle?”

I could hardly understand him above the noise of the room, but he was gesturing wildly toward the beach and then pointing at my camera. I followed him to the back windows to see a giant green turtle had crawled it’s way up the shore and was soaking up the last of the sun’s rays.

Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1264

We had to get in on that sunset ourselves, so Liz, Dan and I snuck out to the parking lot for a few quick snaps before dessert. The sunset wasn’t as brilliantly pink as it had been on our first night on the island, but the darkening sky is always gorgeous even when it’s overcast and gray.

Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1265Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1266Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1267Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1268

The over 50’s retired for the night and the rest of us stayed up talking… Dan named it “Millennial Night”. Funnily enough, we’re all old souls and ended up in bed before midnight anyway.

Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1269Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1270Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1271

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