A note from the Photographer


My family moved a lot; meaning we didn’t live close to friends or family. My dad was always taking photos, and every time we settled into a new place, we had those images and those memories as reminders of the people and things that were important to us. They reminded us of what had been. As children we often pulled out our personally named albums to look through and ask questions about. Nostalgia finds itself in old photos, making a deep and emotional connection between the viewer and the image, and I was hooked on the stories that every image told.

There’s a funny thing about photos – no one remembers the taker. When we look at an image, we just remember what it was like to be caught up in that moment with the people around us. We recall, as we thumb through years of memories stuck to pages, how we felt. Who we were. We see the legacy we’re creating for ourselves in the images from our past.

For me, the magic of photography isn’t in the taking of the pictures because I don’t wield a camera for own “glory”. My camera gives the gift of history to others. See, the stories in a photograph are what enrapture me. The stories – the history – forever viewable on a piece of paper. I know you have images that you love too. Maybe it’s your reaction to a surprise party, laughter you tried to hold back but couldn’t, or the first moment you held your baby. There, in that photo, is the real you. It’s the way you want the future to know you.

As life moves on, we all amass a collection of memories preserved in a box. They sit always ready for you to look back and remember yourself, your loved ones, and life as is was at that time. They’re also the visual legacy you leave to those you love. Those are the photos that are going to connect your story to those who you will never meet. I want to give you that opportunity to look back, to create a legacy, to preserve things as they are now.

I hope you enjoy my website and all the stories you’ll find here,

Maybe your story will find it’s way here soon,