An Afternoon in the Garden [Wild One Creations]

A couple weeks ago I shared some images made in Whittier with Wild One Creations. During that shoot, I thought I learned a couple things and begged Rebecca to let me do a second shoot in Redlands at the home of a friend. She must have been crazy because she didn’t seem to hesitate at the idea, so I packed up the tepee and dragged it to Redlands. Allison of Allison Nicole Photography has this great spot in her front yard and two vivacious daughter. She was the first person I thought to team up with on this second shoot and I breathed easier when I knew she had time to help out. (Who am I kidding, I totally screamed with excitement when she wrote back with a yes!!)

This time around I prepared sketches of specific images I wanted to create and edited the images with softer tones. Again, the final images out paced my expectations – how can you see these photos and not wish you were back in the land of make believe? Those precious minutes of play in the golden light before bedtime were some of my favorite times growing up. I wanted to communicate those memories with these photos and I think that’s exactly what you feel.

Woodfield Creative_1039 Woodfield Creative_1040 Woodfield Creative_1041 Woodfield Creative_1042 Woodfield Creative_1043 Woodfield Creative_1044 Woodfield Creative_1045 Woodfield Creative_1046 Woodfield Creative_1047 Woodfield Creative_1048 Woodfield Creative_1049 Woodfield Creative_1050

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An Afternoon at the Park [Wild One Creations]

Last year I got a call from a past bride and good friend, Rebecca. I can’t remember what the specific conversation was about, but in the middle of it we started talking about her beautiful handmade Tepees and I threw out the idea that I could photograph them for her. It was a little far fetched as she lives in Washington and I was in Los Angeles, but a few months later she called me back and told me she was driving down to Los Angeles to visit family. Stars aligned and within weeks I was on the side of a mountain with Rebecca, a sample of her tepees and two adorable kiddos.
This was my first time shooting product in an editorial style and I was a little scared of the balance between product and people. I photograph people, first and foremost… with an emphasis on interaction and personality… and I was afraid I would favor the models over the product. It was almost like learning the craft with a new set of eyes. Super terrifying! Though hindsight affords me a list of things I’d do differently next time, I absolutely love the photos we made that day.

Let me introduce you to Rebecca Oldright, owner of Wild One Creations and a woman with a genuinely caring heart. Perched on a mountain park overlooking the “wilds” of Whittier, she let me set up her samples in the dirt and smiled the whole time.
Woodfield Creative_1053 Woodfield Creative_1054 I also can’t forget to mention these sweet faces, who let me dress them up and boss them around for the afternoon. I don’t want to think about how many times I asked to run in and out of the tepee, look up, look down, smile, color this paper, hug your brother, etc… I even gave them lollipops and then took them away. I am a terrible monster! Woodfield Creative_1055 Woodfield Creative_1056 Woodfield Creative_1057 Woodfield Creative_1058 Woodfield Creative_1059 Woodfield Creative_1060 Woodfield Creative_1061 Woodfield Creative_1062 Woodfield Creative_1063 Woodfield Creative_1064 Woodfield Creative_1065 Woodfield Creative_1066 Woodfield Creative_1067 Woodfield Creative_1068

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Baby VanDyke [Waterford Newborn Photography]

There is nothing sweeter than being able to photograph people you love. Photographing my growing extended family keeps my passion alive and is the reason I am so invested in the family and wedding images I create for others. I am convinced there is great emotional value in seeing family photos every day and I want all my clients to reap those benefits.

My sister recently had her fourth child – she’s an amazing woman and I could write pages about the way she has set the bar of motherhood and womanhood so high for me to follow. Instead, I want to share with you a few photos I took of the sweet baby by himself and also interacting with my sister and his sister.

Woodfield Creative_1027 Woodfield Creative_1028

I’m drawn toward these lifestyle images that allow us to see love being shown in an everyday setting. As cute as this guy looks snuggled up in a family heirloom suitcase, the sweet kisses of his sister stop my heart. Can you look at this photo without your lips turning up into a smile? I love these moments so much, that I wish I could give a similar photo to every single person I know. Woodfield Creative_1022 Woodfield Creative_1023 Woodfield Creative_1024 Woodfield Creative_1025 Woodfield Creative_1026

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