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Two days after Christmas, I trekked across the central valley with Holly of Delona Photography to assist her with her second Indian wedding.  Holly is a super talented photographer (seriously, go check out her stuff) and a fantastic friend and I jump at every opportunity to create images alongside her. Now, I generally don’t post photos from weddings that I’m only assisting with… but I had to make an exception with this one. It was the first time I’ve ever photographed an Indian wedding and I just had to share! (I’m sorry in advance if I don’t get everything right in this post or mislabeled something… it is merely my observations as a wedding photographer.)

The the first thing I learned, was that formal Indian weddings are run on a lunar calendar. That doesn’t really mean much to me, except that it required everyone to start getting ready at 4 a.m. I arrived to photograph the groom at 5 that morning, and the house was already bustling with preparations. Saini Wedding_0500

After the usual dressing and getting ready for the day, guests started arriving at the groom’s home to give gifts and blessings and be a part of the Hindu traditions. Having a photograph taken is seen as a sign of respect, so everyone wanted to have their photo taken with the groom.Saini Wedding_0501 Saini Wedding_0502 Saini Wedding_0503 Saini Wedding_0504 Saini Wedding_0505 The grooms family then formed a procession called a Baraat, and we drove together to the ceremony location. Before entering the ceremony hall, the grooms family joined together in a group and met the bride’s family at the door of the building. There, they greeted each other and the parents exchanged well wishes and gifts – followed by breakfast for everyone in the hall. Saini Wedding_0506 At 8 a.m., after breakfast, the marriage ceremony began. The bride looked radiant in her gown that was bought directly from India. The groom couldn’t take his eyes off of her during the whole ceremony… which consisted of many chants, blessings, rituals and a firepit. There were a couple moments I was scared the fire would actually set off the hall’s smoke detectors. (but obviously all went off without a hitch) As someone who loves my family very much, I was impressed with how involved both sets of parents were in the ceremony. Saini Wedding_0507 There was another meal after the ceremony, and Holly and I took that break to sneak the bride and groom outside and photograph them together for a few minutes. The details on their clothing were amazing – but not as enchanting as the bond that the bride and groom had with each other. They were so in love you couldn’t stop watching them together. Too stinking cute! Saini Wedding_0508 Saini Wedding_0509 Saini Wedding_0510 Saini Wedding_0511 Saini Wedding_0512 We had a five hour break between the ceremony and reception. When we all joined back together at the hall, the guests were ready to party! (And eat some more) This was a wedding reception I will not easily forget! The reception venue was lavishly decorated, but it couldn’t compare with the brightly dressed, energetic and joyful guests. This was a PARTY!! There was entertainment, speeches, and piles of food. When the dance floor was finally opened, it was filled with the most spirited crowd of guests I can remember seeing. They danced and danced and danced. There was no mistaking that this reception was a joyful gathering. Saini Wedding_0513 Saini Wedding_0514 Saini Wedding_0515 Saini Wedding_0516 Saini Wedding_0517 Saini Wedding_0518Saini Wedding_0520

I am so thankful to Holly for asking me to assist her with this wedding. It was the kind of experience I’m not going to forget, and I know it’s changed my view on how joyful a wedding should be! Finally, I can’t end this blog post without giving a shout out to Lightbulb Videography who shot video alongside us. Sonny and Tim were such a great mix of joy and professionalism – their excitement for the wedding day was contagious and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for wedding or commercial videographers.Saini Wedding_0519

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Jeremy and Ruth [Los Angeles Wedding Photography]

Ruthie. Beautiful Ruthie. Today she shined brighter than I have ever seen before. Getting ready, I was taken back to the school formals, pirate day, and photo shoots where we would cram around the same giant bathroom mirror and apply makeup and help each other tame our crazy heads of hair. Today, a group of her best friends crammed into the same room to get prepared for a big event once more, but today we all did it for Ruthie. It was her day and rather than just being a fun, witty, nerdy little redhead, she was the star. I wish I could put in to words the overwhelming gladness I felt all day as I watched this dear friend love and be loved by so many people. Most importantly, I was incredibly thankful that the girl we once nicknamed “heartbreaker” has been pursued and loved by a faithful man who loves God more than he loves her.  Benner.West Wedding_0001 Benner.West Wedding_0002 Benner.West Wedding_0003 Benner.West Wedding_0004 Benner.West Wedding_0005 Benner.West Wedding_0006 Benner.West Wedding_0007 Benner.West Wedding_0008 Benner.West Wedding_0009 Benner.West Wedding_0010 Benner.West Wedding_0011 Benner.West Wedding_0012 Benner.West Wedding_0013 Benner.West Wedding_0014 Benner.West Wedding_0015 Benner.West Wedding_0016

Men are what their mothers made them. – Ralph Waldo EmersonBenner.West Wedding_0017 Benner.West Wedding_0018 Ruth was waiting in a tent while all the guests arrived for the wedding… as the music started and the grandparents and bridal party made their way down the aisle, her excitement compelled her to peek out the tent. Benner.West Wedding_0019 Benner.West Wedding_0020 Jeremy kept his eyes closed as Ruth walked from the tent down to the start of the aisle, waiting for a nudge at his elbow to let him know she was about to start her walk toward him. I honestly don’t know how he had the self control not to open them even just for a second. That shows character right there! 🙂Benner.West Wedding_0021 Benner.West Wedding_0022 Benner.West Wedding_0023 Benner.West Wedding_0024 Benner.West Wedding_0025 Benner.West Wedding_0026 Benner.West Wedding_0027 Benner.West Wedding_0028 Benner.West Wedding_0029 Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Benner!!Benner.West Wedding_0030 Benner.West Wedding_0031 Benner.West Wedding_0032 Benner.West Wedding_0033 Benner.West Wedding_0034 Benner.West Wedding_0035 Benner.West Wedding_0036 Benner.West Wedding_0037 Benner.West Wedding_0038 Benner.West Wedding_0039 Benner.West Wedding_0040 Benner.West Wedding_0041 Benner.West Wedding_0042 Benner.West Wedding_0043 Benner.West Wedding_0044 Benner.West Wedding_0045 Benner.West Wedding_0046 Benner.West Wedding_0047 Benner.West Wedding_0048 Benner.West Wedding_0049 Benner.West Wedding_0050 Benner.West Wedding_0051 Benner.West Wedding_0052 Benner.West Wedding_0053 Benner.West Wedding_0054 Benner.West Wedding_0055 Benner.West Wedding_0056 Benner.West Wedding_0057 Benner.West Wedding_0058 Benner.West Wedding_0059

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Ian and Brooke [Los Angeles Wedding Photography]

How do you spell ‘love’? – Piglet
You don’t spell it…you feel it. – Pooh
-A. A. Milne

Winter Session_0189

Ian and Brooke are getting married next year and this week I got to take photos to celebrate their announcement! These two are crazy about each other and I’m sort of crazy about them…and these images. 🙂 You just can’t help but smile as you see this couple together.

Winter Session_0190 Winter Session_0191 Winter Session_0192

For a guy who doesn’t like having his photo taken, Ian seemed to enjoy the whole process. It probably had nothing to do with the fact that he spent the whole time holding Brooke and loving on her. Nothing at all to do with that!Winter Session_0193 Winter Session_0194 Winter Session_0195 Winter Session_0196 Winter Session_0197 Winter Session_0198 Winter Session_0199 Winter Session_0200 Winter Session_0201

Griffith Observatory is hands down my favorite location in Los Angeles. I can stand on this balcony for hours staring at the city lights… mesmerized by the way they shimmer like glitter in the sun. My heart skips a little when I get to share this special place with others, especially with people who have trusted me to photograph them with the people they love. Winter Session_0202 Winter Session_0203 Winter Session_0204 Winter Session_0205 Winter Session_0206 Winter Session_0207 Winter Session_0208 Winter Session_0209 Winter Session_0210 Winter Session_0211 Winter Session_0212 Winter Session_0213 Winter Session_0214 Winter Session_0215

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