Kenny and Esther [Chicago Photography]

I was waiting in a parking garage in the middle of Chicago when Kenny and Esther drove up to meet me. He ran around to open the passenger door and a little pixie in a gorgeous coral dress sprung out. She hurried across to hug me, tripping a little on the hem of her floor length dress. “I’m too short for this dress, but my heels made the dress to short for me. I figured I’d just embrace who I am and wear flats!” She yanked the skirt from under her toes and swished it back and forth. I told her it was beautiful. It had an air of romance that lent itself to a couple’s shoot in Lincoln Park. With a quick hug hello we started walking toward the park, falling into easy conversation about styled shoots and the better qualities of living near Chicago. The weather in the winter is NOT one of the better qualities, in case you were wondering.

Lincoln park, in contrast, is one of those merits; a beach bordering square of green paradise. While Esther and I were talking our heads off, Kenny was making sure we made the right turns, opened doors, protected us from a falling bush and brought our attention to the numerous bunnies he saw along the path. Complete opposites in personality, this couple works so well together at making others safe and comfortable… something I’m sure they find helpful in their ministry. You see, calm and quiet Kenny moved from Peru to Chicago to attend Bible school. At first he couldn’t speak English and he hated the food. (Understandably, right? That’s the hardest part of moving) At the other end of the spectrum of personalities was Esther – a friendly pastor’s kid from El Paso Texas who has a gift of making others feel at ease. They met there in Chicago at school and though their first impression may be the stuff of a romantic comedy, there is no denying the way they complement each other completely in marriage.

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