Newborn Mollett [Modesto Family Photographer]

It had been a little over two years since I had seen Matt and Verity – a little over two years since I photographed their beautiful wedding at CrossPoint Community Church in Modesto. It came as no surprise that they were still as friendly and relaxed as I remembered them being. As I stepped into their cozy home, I felt like I was being welcomed into the home of old friends. There were hugs and then I was introduced to their sweet baby – the main reason I was there. This little man was born weeks early, but the very first thing you notice about him is his extra long legs and arms. Not much of a surprise when his Daddy is well over 6 feet.
Verity had been an extremely calm bride – and as she rocked her son and told me the story of his early birth, I could see the same temperament in her parenting. A firstborn is always a little nerve wracking – I suppose it’s all the new unknowns and questions that come when you start caring for a new life – but here was Verity seeming at complete peace even in the craziness of a preemie. She laughed at the thought that he was born before his baby shower. In the same breath she exclaimed how thankful she was for friends and family that had rallied together to make sure this new family of three had everything they needed.

Let me introduce to you the smallest Mollett – who was so excited to meet his parents that he rushed his way into this world! (And then grew so fast you’d never know it.)

Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1040

Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1000 Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1001 Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1002 Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1003 Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1004 Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1005 Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1006 Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1007 Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1008 Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1009

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An Afternoon at the Park [Wild One Creations]

Last year I got a call from a past bride and good friend, Rebecca. I can’t remember what the specific conversation was about, but in the middle of it we started talking about her beautiful handmade Tepees and I threw out the idea that I could photograph them for her. It was a little far fetched as she lives in Washington and I was in Los Angeles, but a few months later she called me back and told me she was driving down to Los Angeles to visit family. Stars aligned and within weeks I was on the side of a mountain with Rebecca, a sample of her tepees and two adorable kiddos.
This was my first time shooting product in an editorial style and I was a little scared of the balance between product and people. I photograph people, first and foremost… with an emphasis on interaction and personality… and I was afraid I would favor the models over the product. It was almost like learning the craft with a new set of eyes. Super terrifying! Though hindsight affords me a list of things I’d do differently next time, I absolutely love the photos we made that day.

Let me introduce you to Rebecca Oldright, owner of Wild One Creations and a woman with a genuinely caring heart. Perched on a mountain park overlooking the “wilds” of Whittier, she let me set up her samples in the dirt and smiled the whole time.
Woodfield Creative_1053 Woodfield Creative_1054 I also can’t forget to mention these sweet faces, who let me dress them up and boss them around for the afternoon. I don’t want to think about how many times I asked to run in and out of the tepee, look up, look down, smile, color this paper, hug your brother, etc… I even gave them lollipops and then took them away. I am a terrible monster! Woodfield Creative_1055 Woodfield Creative_1056 Woodfield Creative_1057 Woodfield Creative_1058 Woodfield Creative_1059 Woodfield Creative_1060 Woodfield Creative_1061 Woodfield Creative_1062 Woodfield Creative_1063 Woodfield Creative_1064 Woodfield Creative_1065 Woodfield Creative_1066 Woodfield Creative_1067 Woodfield Creative_1068

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