Newborn Mollett [Modesto Family Photographer]

It had been a little over two years since I had seen Matt and Verity – a little over two years since I photographed their beautiful wedding at CrossPoint Community Church in Modesto. It came as no surprise that they were still as friendly and relaxed as I remembered them being. As I stepped into their cozy home, I felt like I was being welcomed into the home of old friends. There were hugs and then I was introduced to their sweet baby – the main reason I was there. This little man was born weeks early, but the very first thing you notice about him is his extra long legs and arms. Not much of a surprise when his Daddy is well over 6 feet.
Verity had been an extremely calm bride – and as she rocked her son and told me the story of his early birth, I could see the same temperament in her parenting. A firstborn is always a little nerve wracking – I suppose it’s all the new unknowns and questions that come when you start caring for a new life – but here was Verity seeming at complete peace even in the craziness of a preemie. She laughed at the thought that he was born before his baby shower. In the same breath she exclaimed how thankful she was for friends and family that had rallied together to make sure this new family of three had everything they needed.

Let me introduce to you the smallest Mollett – who was so excited to meet his parents that he rushed his way into this world! (And then grew so fast you’d never know it.)

Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1040

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2014 Winter Session [Why Photos are Important]

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Can you believe that 2014 is drawing to a close? It’s almost the end of September and the holiday season is already being celebrated at the big box stores. I’m in partial denial about the whole thing, to be truthful, and crossing my fingers that time slows down just a little while I spend the holidays with my family (which includes my adorable nephews and niece).

In a way, I actually have magical powers to weld over time. You do too. It’s called a camera and almost everybody in America has one in their pocket. We snap photos of our food, our adventures, our favorite movies and the crazy cute antics the kids get up to when nobody thinks they are looking. These photos record a lot about our lives, but I’ve found that they miss one thing – the person behind the camera. It’s hard to capture images of the whole family interacting with each other when one member has to be behind the lends.

The end of year season gives us a great excuse for putting our cameras down, spending a little extra time on our hair, and boldly stepping in in front of the camera.To have a tangible record of the way you love your family is a truly selfless act…I get that it’s difficult to get everything in place to hire a photographer… but it’s something that will last a lot longer than the fancy Thanksgiving dinner and the perfectly decorated Christmas tree. Photos last for generations.

I’m rambling a bit because I believe so much in the need for images that show the love a family has for each other. Call me a sap if you will, but I want you to have a series of photos that really reflect the best parts of who you are. This season, I’ve set aside a set of days to do just that. I’m calling them my Winter Sessions, and this is the second year I’m offering them.

The Winter Sessions are thirty minute family photo sessions that focus on recording the relationships bound up in the family. We’ll get a couple of photos were everyone is smiling and looking at the camera, but I also want your future generations to know that in 2014, we had dance parties and played games, we hugged and kissed and tickled, we swung our children in the air and we never thought twice about saying “I love you”.

After your photo session, I’ll deliver a curated and fully edited set of images to you in a Pinterest style gallery – those images are yours to use and share as you wish. Send them to grandma, make a photo blanket, download the photos on every computer you own and put them in frames all over the house. The more you see your photos, the greater the value they’ll hold in your heart.

As if that weren’t enough, I also want to encourage you to get your images off a screen and into beautiful books, canvases and prints. To do that, I’m gifting a $45 dollar gift card to every family that I photograph this season. You can use that credit through your gallery of images to order a whole bunch of stuff without having to upload any images – you can even order them from your phone!

Let’s get together this year and make your family photos a thing to be excited about!

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