Newborn Mollett [Modesto Family Photographer]

It had been a little over two years since I had seen Matt and Verity – a little over two years since I photographed their beautiful wedding at CrossPoint Community Church in Modesto. It came as no surprise that they were still as friendly and relaxed as I remembered them being. As I stepped into their cozy home, I felt like I was being welcomed into the home of old friends. There were hugs and then I was introduced to their sweet baby – the main reason I was there. This little man was born weeks early, but the very first thing you notice about him is his extra long legs and arms. Not much of a surprise when his Daddy is well over 6 feet.
Verity had been an extremely calm bride – and as she rocked her son and told me the story of his early birth, I could see the same temperament in her parenting. A firstborn is always a little nerve wracking – I suppose it’s all the new unknowns and questions that come when you start caring for a new life – but here was Verity seeming at complete peace even in the craziness of a preemie. She laughed at the thought that he was born before his baby shower. In the same breath she exclaimed how thankful she was for friends and family that had rallied together to make sure this new family of three had everything they needed.

Let me introduce to you the smallest Mollett – who was so excited to meet his parents that he rushed his way into this world! (And then grew so fast you’d never know it.)

Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1040

Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1000 Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1001 Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1002 Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1003 Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1004 Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1005 Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1006 Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1007 Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1008 Newborn Mollett _ Modesto Family Photographer_1009

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Santa Barbara and Love [Santa Barbara Engagement Photography]

My first time in Santa Barbara and my first time meeting this couple. Who would have guessed that I’d fall in love with both?  Dena, the soon to be bride, knows that exact feeling. Several years ago, she saw Adam across a crowded room and knew she had to talk to him. After that night, there was no going back to life without him in it! I know you’ve experienced this too… the mystery of love at first sight. Life presents us with people and places that immediately feel like home. People and places that are technically new, but feel as familiar as our memories themselves. Two hours later, I felt like Adam and Dena were old friends or college buddies. My mind wasn’t even registering the fact that I wouldn’t be attending their wedding as a guest! (No one can fault me for not being emotionally involved with my clients.) Thankfully I will be at the wedding and I am SO excited to be photographing the day for them. Look at these photos and you’ll understand why! 

Ruthie_0088 Ruthie_0089 Ruthie_0090 Ruthie_0091 Ruthie_0093 Ruthie_0094 Ruthie_0095 Ruthie_0096 Ruthie_0097 Ruthie_0098 Ruthie_0099 Ruthie_0100 Ruthie_0101 Ruthie_0102 Ruthie_0103 Ruthie_0104 Ruthie_0105 Ruthie_0106

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